Principles of Crop Production: Theory, Techniques and Technology


By George Acquaah

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This book offers a comprehensive and solid foundation on the subject. The text aims at engaging the students directly. It discusses topics such as evolution of crop production, the key technological advances and their impact on crop production, new and emerging concepts, current trends and sustainable agricultural concepts in straight-to-the-point fashion. This second edition of the book represents significant expansion and revision. It contains Over 50 new figures and 40 new charts to enhance the presentation and student comprehension Detailed discussion on risk management and produce marketing thereby presenting crop production as business and helping lay the necessary foundation of solid decision making ???Questions throughout the text to get the reader more involved ???Outcomes assessments having multi-structured questions to test the understanding of the students ???Boxed readings having additional information to enhance the topics presented The book is an ideal text for courses on Crop Production. It is also useful for students of Plant Science and Horticulture courses. Table Of Contents: Preface Part One???Underlying Principles Chapter 1:Crop Production and Society Chapter 2: Plant Morphology Chapter 3: Fundamental Plant Growth Processes Chapter 4: Plant Growth and Development Chapter 5: Crop Improvement Chapter 6: Climate and Weather Chapter 7: Soil and Land Chapter 8: Plant Nutrients and Fertilizers Chapter 9: Plant and Soil Water Chapter 10:Pests in Crop Production Chapter 11:Agricultural Production Systems Chapter 12:Organic Crop Production Chapter 13:Transgenics in Crop Production Chapter 14:Rangeland and Pastures and Their Management Chapter 15:Tillage Systems and Farm Energy Chapter 16:Seed, Seedling, and Seeding Chapter 17:Harvesting and Storage of Crops Chapter 18:Marketing and Handling Grain Crops Part Two???Commercial Production of Selected Field Crops Chapter 19:Wheat (Common) Chapter 20:Rice Chapter 21:Corn Chapter 22:Sorghum Chapter 23:Barley