Evolutionary Critical Theory and Its Role in Public Affairs


By Abel, Charles Frederick

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Time and again, t

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Time and again, the status of Public Administration as a discipline has been called in question particularly by those who are involved in the practical implementation of public administration principles. Theories on Public Administration border on the realms of philosophy and idealism and are therefore generally believed to do little business on the ground. For instance, Thorstein Veblen's interpretation of the critical theory inspite of its immense potential and practical implications was side-lined and fated to remain in the background, thanks to the erroneous general notion that theories in Public Administration are at best abstractions with no applicability. In this compact, well-knit and hard-hitting book, the authors explain from a practical perspective, the 'Evolutionary Critical Theory' as a cardinal theory in Public Administration whose practical connotations are patent in good governance, a subject that concerns all and sundry. The application of 'Evolutionary Critical Theory' for creating a free, fair and 'good' society is vividly presented. The sure, steady and pacy narrative, the straight and simple language and the comprehensive coverage renders this book fascinating, rewarding and of a kind of its own. Table of Contents Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Pr?cis. 2. Public Administration as Discipline and the Estrangement of Theory. 3. Ontology and Theory in Public Administration. 4. Critical Theory and Public Administration. 5. Evolutionary Critical Theory. 6. Evolutionary Critical Theory, Power and Emancipation. 7. Evolutionary Critical Theory and the "Good Society". 8. Evolutionary Critical Theory and Public Administration. Notes. Index. About the Authors.