Classical Theory and Modern Studies: Introduction to Sociological Theory


By Mark Abrahamson

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Classical Theory

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Classical Theory and Modern Studies discusses the ideas and insights of major figures in the classical period of sociological theory, and explores their continuing relevance to contemporary sociology. FEATURES : Devotes whole chapters to five major figures: Martineau, Marx, Weber, Durkheim, and Simmel. Includes an opening chapter on a ???supporting cast??? of theorists who strongly exerted an influence in the classical period. Focuses more on the ideas of the classical theorists as expressed in their original writings, as opposed to their biographies and historical circumstances. Explores the connections between the classical theorists and the work of contemporary researchers and scholars. Research boxes in each chapter describe contemporary studies related to the theory being discussed. Discusses natural experiments, participant observation and secondary data analysis in an accessible manner, describing methods of data collection and analysis as non-technically as possible. Table Of Contents: Preface Chapter 1???Introduction Chapter 2???Harriet Martineau Chapter 3???Karl Marx (1): Philosophical Analyses Chapter 4???Karl Marx (2): Economic Analyses Chapter 5???Max Weber (1): Conceptual Methodology Chapter 6???Max Weber (2): On Social Organization Chapter 7???Emile Durkheim (1): Division of Labor and Elementary Religion Chapter 8???Emile Durkheim (2): Rules and Suicide Chapter 9???Georg Simmel Index