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Blog - Is JEE 2017 Going to be Tougher Than Ever?

 Is JEE 2017 Going to be Tougher Than Ever?
By Only School Books 9/11/2015 8:01 AM Comments

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is one of the common engineering exams conducted each year for admission in various engineering colleges across India. Considered one of the most challenging admission exams, it is the gateway for engineering aspirants for a seat in the best colleges. Consisting of two parts JEE Main and JEE Advanced, it tests understanding of each concept of students to the core.

Will JEE 2017 be the toughest?

With each passing year, it is a common assumption among JEE aspirants that the exam will get tougher. However, this is not true. The question of toughness shouldn’t even bother candidates appearing for the exam. More than 2 lakh candidates appear for the exam each year and hence the competition level increases each year.

With rising competition, the difficulty level may increase or there can be a change in pattern which can result in lower cut offs. There is nothing like a “tough JEE paper”. The paper is same for all candidates and every question will test the basic understanding of the subject.

Understand the concepts

If one understands the concepts from syllabus and practice sample question papers, it is easy to crack the exam. However, the exam not only checks the grasp of students on a chapter, but also accuracy and speed along with handling pressure. The toughness of a paper depends on the preparation level of a student. It is not to be forgotten that JEE can give surprises. So, it is better to expect the unexpected. One must be mentally prepared to give the best shot.

Not to worry about toughness

The best thing for a JEE candidate is not to worry about the toughness of the exam. One should be adequately prepared by practicing problems from NCERT books and other preparation guides. Many coaching institutes train students to crack JEE. These institutes also conduct mock tests to give one a feel of the real examination.

Proper focus

Ask any JEE topper and he or she will tell that the focus should be entirely on the examination and not on toughness. Since colleges will admit meticulous students, it is essential to score good marks.


The JEE pattern has undergone substantial changes since 2010. One must be ready to tackle any kind of challenge posted and should concentrate on strengthening and understanding the basics. Preparation should start the moment one is admitted into Class XI or even before (if possible). Only with a robust preparation, one can crack the exam with flying colours.

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